Why work with us?

We are publicists!

Shungo Time is formed by a team of people who are not only able to create incredible audiovisual content but also to effectively promote it to meet the goals of our customers, our team has people with a superior professional preparation in advertising which gives us An advantage compared to the competition. We know what your target audience is, what the right medium is, and how to best target your content.The market usually works with 3 main actors to create a commercial or any type of audiovisual content for your company: the customer who has the need to communicate something, an advertising agency in charge of creating the message and defining the best Way to transmit it to the public and the production company that is in charge of creating the message in the necessary format. When you work with Shungo Time it is only you as a customer and we as suppliers, our company is trained in the area of ​​production and advertising so that we can enjoy a direct relationship with the customer, reduce their expenses and deliver a more solid work Thanks to the concentration of the work in a single company, you request it, we create it and we promote it.

The importance of video

You need to first ask yourself why it is important to invest in video, photography or advertising for your business, entrepreneurship or event; Is it worth paying the cost of a production to get a response in your audience? The answer is: Definitely yes! During the last 6 years the growth of video as a platform for communication and sales has grown exponentially, around 80%,. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter define it as the most shared content and the one that people reacts to more in their Respective networks, below are photographs as the preferred content of people, said this, is it absolutely necessary to produce a video to sell a product, service or experience? Maybe not, but surely you will have a much greater chance of success, advantage over your competitors and greater recognition of your brand if you choose to do so. At the present time communication and the way people consume media have changed drastically with respect to previous years, the possibility of seeing what you want when you want thanks to mobile technologies and the use of the internet has created in people a new way of relating with brands or products and making purchasing or consumption decisions based on what they see on the screen. By the way, people are also a brand, they all have a personal brand that identifies them and distinguishes them from the rest positively or negatively, so it does not matter if you are a lawyer, you have a company, you want to start a project, you have a good idea, you want to tell the world something or just show how amazing your birthday party was, everyone can take advantage of a good production.

A different approach


We are part of a new generation, we are young people with new ideas, we are the generation of the internet.

We know that the typical television commercial no longer convinces you to buy, visit, or eat something; The public needs to know more about you, what you do, what you want to tell them; We are convinced that Storytelling is the way to go and that is precisely what we do with our clients, we tell stories, that is our main task when creating an audiovisual piece, we want the audience to be passionate about what you want to tell them, live it and get close enough to your message so it can convince them.

We live in a generation of educated consumers in almost any discipline, the internet has made knowledge universal and information is accessible for all, behind are the days when The brands tried to surprise their customers with a commercial full of models, paradisiacal landscapes, and expensive cars; Our approach is different, we do not want to make you spend thousands of dollars on ostentatious productions, we prefer to invest our time and knowledge creating memorable stories. For this reason no matter how big your budget is, what product or service you sell or what moment of your life you want to share with the world, we know you have a story and we can tell it.